CBD from Hemp vs. Marijuana

Did you ever question if there's a difference of CBD that comes from hemp vs CBD that comes from marijuana? Well now it's time to get a scientific answer that's easy to understand. 

The answer is that CBD itself is CBD, regardless of whether it derives from hemp or marijuana, it has the same molecular structure as CBD. Your body will not know the difference between the two. 

There is a difference however between the CBD oil (or other products) derived from hemp and the CBD oil derived from marijuana. Hemp derived oil has less THC (below .3 percent) and the marijuana derived CBD oil (often called cannabis-derived oil) has more THC. 

Depending on the condition being treated, the presence of THC could present itself as an advantage or a disadvantage. The general opinion is that the medical benefits are derived solely from CDB, however there are medical conditions that benefit from both THC and CBD. 

Here's the summary: 

Hemp has lower THC (0.3%) and is cultivated for a wide variety of use such as textiles, plastics, food products and biofuels; marijuana is higher in THC (>.3% usually 5-30%) and is cultivated for medical and recreational use. 


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