How To Determine the Frequency of CBD Use

Remember that there are multiple factors that play a role in determining how often to take CBD. Factors such as, how well the CBD is absorbed, when it is distributed into your body, how quickly it is metabolized and the rate at which your body eliminates CBD. 

Since we all have our own unique biochemistry, some people need more frequent doses while others need less. For example, a patient with liver disease typically experiences a slowed down metabolism in general which means metabolizing CBD would be the same experience. This means the patient with liver disease who takes CBD needs to have the frequency of dosing adjusted accordingly. 

The nature of your medical condition matters as well. Consider that some people experience episodic symptoms and need longer intervals between doses while others experience symptoms on an ongoing basis and need to use CBD more regularly with much shorter intervals between doses. For example, migraine patients, the interval of dosing varies by the frequency and duration of the migraines they experience over a set period of time. 

With all the information above, how does this apply to you? Be methodical with determining your frequency of use by documenting your intake amount, time of day and frequency of CBD. It's important to keep in mind that CBD has a subtherapeutic, therapeutic and supratherapeutic range of dosing. A correct dose is when the CBD is helping to relieve the symptom(s) without an adverse side effect 



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