CBD Pain Cream


Our CBD products are all 100% Lab Tested THC Free

Did you know that when a topical is rubbed onto your skin, it is absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds? Well before CBD can get into your blood stream it's all snatched up by the Endo Cannabinoid Receptors to stimulate pain relief and other health benefits.  It is for this reason that topical CBD does not evoke the same feeling as orally ingested CBD.  


For Pain

  • Do you have chronic pain everyday? CBD helps in relieving pain by preserving Anandamide. Anandamine is so important for us as it's a big part of regulating our pain levels, inflammatory and allergic responses.


  • All Natural
  • Grown/Extracted/Delivered all in the USA
  • Our hemp is grown in Colorado & Kentucky
  • 100% Lab tested THC Free
  • Never touched by any pesticides and/or herbicides


Contains 300mg of CBD

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