CBD Capsules


 Our CBD products are all 100% Lab Tested THC Free

For Sleep / Stress

  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night?  Let us help you with that.  Our CBD oil promotes better sleeping patterns and deeper, more restful sleep. How might you ask? Well the body has something called the Endo Cannabinoid System (ECS) and studies show that when CBD stimulates the receptors in this system, it sends signals to our brain that allow it to handle stress better.

For Pain

  • Do you have chronic pain everyday? CBD helps in relieving pain by preserving Anandamide. Anandamine is so important for us as it's a big part of regulating not only our pain levels, but also our mood, memory, appetite and inflammation.


  • Grown/Extracted/Delivered all in the USA
  • Our hemp is grown in Colorado & Kentucky
  • 100% Lab tested THC Free
  • Never touched by any pesticides and/or herbicides

When will I feel relief?

  • Our capsules and CBD oil take 1-2 hours to start feeling any relief. We suggest that you start with the dosage recommended by your physician, or the amount shown on the bottle. If you don't like the taste of CBD oil, our capsules are the perfect solution. They're easy to take and easier to monitor your dosage.


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